Klytus (klytus) wrote,

The -Real- Answer

My birthday has always been the one day of the year when I have freely allowed myself to hold expectations that good things will happen for me.

And now, at the tender age of 42, it has finally sunk through my neutronium-thick skull that this is a big mistake.

Work was really stressful today, but I was OK, and really looking forward to my plans for tonight. I was also looking forward to a birthday celebration this weekend. Well, towards the end of the day, my plans for the weekend got scrubbed. Disappointing, but Life Happens™, and I still had my birthday celebration to look forward to, tonight. Less than half an hour later, that got scrubbed.

Any other day of the year, this would not have hit me so hard. But goddamnit, today is my birthday! I'm not only allowed to have good things happen for me today, they are supposed to happen! And my friends and loved ones are supposed the ones who conspire behind the scenes to make my day a good one... not be the ones who are actively raining on my parade.

Alas, when you have expectations, you set yourself up for disappointment. In The Grand Scheme of Things™, nothing makes the anniversary of one's birth any more or less special than any other day. If it turns out to be an better day for you than most, wonderful. But to have the expectation that it should be... foolish.

The Universe™ does not care about the Way Things "Should Be"™... there is only The Way Things Are™.

Each day is exactly what we make of it.

No exceptions.

Not ever.

Not even for your birthday.

That is the real answer.

The Universe™ is a harsh Mistress.

Lesson learned.

Ever forward...
Tags: birthday, life
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