Klytus (klytus) wrote,

My Harvest

It is time for the year's final harvest. It is time to take stock of what I have sown, and what I must reap.

Finances continue to be an issue for me: I have had to take out loans against my 401(k) and borrow money from friends to make ends meet. I continue to see reminders of the damage I have done in the past from having broken boundaries. I had to sever ties completely with an individual I tried to help heal, but who proved to be either unable or unwilling to accept my own boundaries.

These are the bitter fruits. I planted the seeds. This is what I have sown. The cycle must be completed. I must reap.

What I have lost and where I have fallen short... all are because of the seeds I planted, and the labors I made, and did not make, in tending those crops.

I accept my actions. I accept my choices. I accept the consequences.

It is what it is.

Even though my workload continues to grow, I am getting things done, and getting them done well enough to keep the high respect and regard among my co-workers, supervisors, and other Higher Ups™ in the company. I have made new friendships. I was able to help bring healing to those in need. I am slowly, but surely, attracting more clients for my healing services. I have continued to nurture, build, and develop my relationship wth my gods, and have started working with new gods as well. I have grown stronger as a mystic, medium, energy worker and healer. My beloved and I were handfasted at Beltane; that bond, and our love, grows stronger each day. I am happier with my life, and feel better about being Who I Am™, than ever before.

Blessed be!

Where I am, what I have, and who I have become... all are because of the seeds I have planted, and the labors I made in tending those crops.

I accept my actions. I accept my choices. I accept the consequences.

It is what it is.

This is all I have sown.

Now I reap.

That which is good, nourishing, and healthy... I take with me and make a part of me.

The detritus, the waste, and the fruits that are tainted... I return to the gods.

This is my Harvest.

So Mote it Be.

Give Thanks!
Tags: harvest, life, metaphysics, spirituality
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